About Us

The ERS Meeting & Event Space is a hidden treasure conveniently located on the Southside of Atlanta, a few miles from the Hartsfield Jackson International Terminal, and less than a mile from the landmark Porsche Experience Center. 


The facility has an industrial vibe, with a hidden opulence featuring white porcelain floors, golden columns, and four spectacular crystal chandeliers. It offers a perfect escape from the city traffic for weddings, corporate events and parties.


A self-sustaining vision of the Founder, Mrs. Eslene Richmond Shockley, the ERS Meeting & Event Space is a function of Caring For Others, Inc., an International Human Service organization that seeks to eradicate poverty through feeding, educating, clothing and housing individuals and families around the world.  Since our founding in 2001, Caring For Others has broadened its path of dignity and hope across twenty-three metro Atlanta zip codes, the southeast, gulf coast, west coast and Belize, Guyana, Nigeria, Antigua and The Philippines. 


The ERS Scholarship Care Fund is one of our most important programs established for the sole purpose of helping children that are diligent in continuing their education on the post secondary level by giving them holistic assistance whether it be financial, food assistance or even words or notes of encouragement. It is a program birthed from the heart of Eslene Richmond-Shockley and also funded by her generosity.


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"We seek to break the perpetual cycle of poverty, and ultimately build self-sustaining communities that thrive!"

Eslene Richmond-Shockley

Caring For Others, Inc.